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Protect your IP

Huge thanks to Clarissa Wynne from Eagar & Associates not only for ensuring the path to trademark “The G8 Ladies” was smooth, transparent and professional, but also for sharing her knowledge on protecting your IP with The G8 Ladies

Protect your IP

Your knowledge is the generations of your mind, you’ve invested years to build it therefore why not protect it.

Patents: if you have an invention or something which is worthy of protection, don't disclose it until you have filled your patent. They are expensive but can be commercially very worthwhile.

The value of the trademark is in the use, even if someone tries to register something and you can show use then you will have claim to it. Trademarks become your indicator that your goods and services become very valuable.

What Constitutes a geed strong trademark

  • made up words

  • imaginary

  • random

  • Coca Cola- the trademark is actually the shape of the bottle

  • Toblerene- the trademark is the shape of the chocolate, not the word itself.

Trademarks which are not strong:

  • when the word has become the everyday name of the item

  • Velcro-the real name is "hook and eye"

  • band-aid plaster

  • Hoover-vacuum clearer

You can avoid this by never using your trademark as a verb, as this makes it generic

To conclude:

Use: if you are thinking of trademarking, do some searches and ask yourself "will someone else in my market need or want to use this word", if yes then move away as you will not get it registered.

Brand: Your Brand is very important, check the global brands databases to ensure it’s not already in use, you will want your own brand.

Designs: Do not disclose your design before you register because it must be new

Ownership: Agree on IP ownership, failure to identify the true and beneficial Owner of the IP can have dire consequences

Whatever you chose, its how you use it will determine the success of your brand.


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