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Digital, it’s not just for Christmas

What a fabulous session at the G8 Ladies with Emma Haller; Digital, how to ensure your transformation is sustainable and not the latest fad. 

Valuing the customer, means that you pay attention to both their human & business needs though every every point on the chain. Trying and failing is ok. “I've not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work” Thomas Alva Edison Digital is the connecting technology between customers and the heart of your business. Customers (that’s you and me) want the end to end experience when we interact with an organisation, group, team etc. we want to know that "I am remembered and don't have to reintroduce myself on every encounter". Tips on how to elicit ‘requirements’ from people is to ask them about their pain rather that their needs and don’t forget that customers are external as well as internal, engaging with customers means not just talk and survey but to observe and listen to them too. Digital transformation key focuses are: • reuse what you have. • build before buy • in source & develop your teams. • If you do have to buy, make sure you select reusable platforms & technology. Finally let’s debunk the myth, Digitisation won’t take away our jobs, but it will change the jobs we do. Huge thanks Emma Haller 

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