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Project Management Capability

The role of the Project or Program Manager in a change activity can be likened to the conductor of an orchestra. Through their:

  • understanding of all the capabilities within the team

  • how they fit together to compliment each other,

  • the focus on the outcome and value to the organisation and

  • determination to deliver value on behalf of the organisation.

They bring diverse musicians together and can quite literally blow the roof off a concert hall.

Community of Practise Links


Glossary of Terms & Acronyms

CoP Agendas

CoP Charter

 (Project Management Deliverables by Delivery Phase 



Assess / Select

Develop & Execute




'Living' Deliverables (Using Clarity, Jira or a spreadsheet)


'Living' Deliverables (Using Clarity, Jira or a spreadsheet)


  • Migration Plan

  • Next Phase Plans

  • Change Requests

  • Initiative Proceed Template

  • Acceptance certificates for vendor milestones

  • Task Management in Jira

  • IT Service Ops Transition Checklist

  • Acceptance certificate for vendor engagement

  • Resource performance feedback


Delivery Capabilities Deliverables by Delivery Phase 

ArchitectureChange management PMO Vendor Management Devops

Business PartnerIteration managementProduct OwnersTestingBusiness Systems

Release ManagementSecurityBusiness AnalystsResourcing Sponsorship

Help continuously improve our CoP by sharing and maintaining our Templates and Toolkits



Our Community of Practice offers:

  • Ownership and continual improvement of the Project delivery Methodology for the PM practice

  • Program and project governance and Assurance

  • Development and management of project management support tools

  • Project information management

  • Dependency management

  • Quality management

  • Line management & allocation of the Project Managers

  • Ownership of the Way of working

  • Project tooling

  • Program/project risk management, issues, dependencies, financial management

  • Project assurance incl. health checks, project lessons learned & Post Implementation Reviews

  • Project Training

Roles Matrix 


Key Responsibilities

Reporting Line

Project Management Practice Lead

  • Work collaboratively with other practise leads to develop our ways of working and practise toolkits & processes

  • Participate in the Propose phase of projects to appropriately frame up the project and confirm benefits, size, complexity and approach.

  • Define a vision and roadmap to uplift/mature the practise over short term (< 6months), medium term (6-12 months) and longer term (12+ months).

  • Lead the Project Management Community of Practise

  • Raise awareness of materials and support available to the project delivery community including emerging trends and innovations you learn about through your own continuous professional development

  • Ensure that the benefits of each project are clearly identified, profiled and that the delivery teams are working effectively and efficiently to deliver their value as planned.

  • Support project managers in benefits management.

  • Support the business and PMO in the handover of benefits for realisation activities at project close

  • Provide the appropriate status and health reporting as agreed with the PMO

  • Champion the lessons learned process and foster a culture of continuous improvement

  • Quality Assurance – agree deliverables for future project phases, quality check completed deliverables

  • Encourage a culture of learning, sharing and supporting within the project management community, leveraging learnings internal and external of Origin.

  • Coach, support and mentor resources within the practise

  • Assist Booking/Resource Managers with

    • new recruitment, Re-assignment of resources to projects best suiting their skillset & experience, Exit interviews and off-boarding

  • Onboard new resources into practise and our ways of working

Head of Delivery Delivery Stream Lead

  • Portfolio delivery of initiatives within the delivery stream.

  • Supporting the teams within your delivery stream to ensure that each initiative efficiently identifies &  profiles benefits and includes the measurement and risk mitigation activities of these benefits into delivery planning  to ensure maximum value is added to Origin and that progress on value delivery can be tracked and protected.

  • Assures the delivery initiatives within the stream against the portfolio Ways of working and raises with the appropriate WOW lead if gaps are identified or improvement opportunities arise

  • Accountable for the risk & issue management within the delivery stream to ensure  (treat and opportunity risks) are owned and treated appropriately. Transferring risk to the correct register, escalating risks if required.

  • Close engagement with the delivery stream steering committee, supporting them as the Delivery Stream’s "voice" to the outside world with clear succinct communication.

  • Building of strong relationships with vendors.

  • Management of cost, schedule, quality, scope within the delivery stream.

  • Provide the appropriate status and health reporting as agreed with Steering Committee and PMO

  • Management of dependencies and constraints across initiatives within a delivery stream, and with other related delivery streams.

  • Building and sustain an enduring team including working with the relevant practise lead to on-board resources, induct the resource into the stream, .

  • Development of a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Management of project teams (including project managers, business analysts, scrum masters, data analysts, change management)

  • Supporting Delivery Stream peers in celebrating success and showcasing value delivery of the entire portfolio

Head of Delivery Project Manager

  • Developing accurate cost and implementation plans for the projects’ business cases;

  • Delivering projects on time, on budget and to the agreed level of quality;

  • Provision of project reporting services;

  • Forecasting and securing projects resource needs as required, identified and agreed;

  • Successfully completing production implementation and transitioning to operational support;

  • Management of business expectations across multiple stakeholders, including Origin and outsourced, onshore and off-shore users in front and back office operations;

  • Ensuring compliance with the IG IT PMO governance processes.

Allocated Delivery Stream LeaderProject Coordinator

  • Resourcing & Contracts

  • Information Management;

  • Monitor and report Risk/Issue Management Registers at both DS and Project level;

  • Provide assistance and support in Planning including updating and maintaining roadmaps and dependencies

  • Financial management including: Cost tracking and analysis, month end reporting, and reconciliations.

  • Reporting:

  • In conjunction with the DSL and product owner, identify, coordinate and manage regular team building activities

Allocated Delivery Stream Leader

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