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Introducing the Project board Advisor

The Project Board

I have a dream that …..

  • When I am asked to join a project board, I will know why, what is expected of me and when, and what I can expect.

  • If things need to change then there is a process

  • Meetings will occur when decisions are required or a formal discussion is necessary, there will be no time wasting meetings

  • I will be provided with clear, concise and informative briefing packs which will arrive in a timely manner

  • I will be walked through the briefing packs and any questions shared and preferably addressed in advance

  • My fellow members will be afforded the same

  • Meetings will not over run and I can get on with my day

  • Minutes will be circulated and decisions logged and reference-able

There will be no surprises

The Project / Program Manager

I have a dream that …..

My Project board will have the correct membership, will attend, keep informed, add value, remove road blocks and support the project

  • They will not throw in "left field" questions when there were plenty of opportunities to present them previously

  • Decisions will be made in a timely manner and the project will move forward according to plan

  • They will champion the project.

There will be no surprises

Why is this a dream? Why do the Board and Project Managers only wish for this quality, efficiency and governance? why do these frustrations merely result in acknowledgment that there is a gap to be filled?

We're not asking too much.

I know that this is perfectly achievable, how? Because I have been the Project / Program manager and I have been the Board member and I have seen it work. I have achieved this in many organisations and it's not rocket science. One highly complex and challenging project had board meetings consistently under 30 minutes, we had plenty of risks and many issues but no surprises.

The Project Board Advisor

Connecting the Executive decision makers to the delivery teams.

The Project Board Advisor is an independent delivery and governance expert who will ensure there are no surprises. This doesn’t mean that everything will go to plan – of course not, but all parties will be aware of the risks and discussions around the issues are never hidden.

A company secretary connects the Governance Board to the CEO and Executive management team, it is only logical to have a Project Board Advisor providing a similar function connecting the Board to the Project or Program Manager.

A project which keeps progressing with open communication, efficient decision making from transparent reporting and discussion... is a breath of fresh air and it doesn't have to be just a dream.

Lets chat if you want to make that a reality.


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