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Introducing the Project board Advisor

The Project Board

I have a dream that …..

  • When I am asked to join a project board, I will know why, what is expected of me and when, and what I can expect.

  • If things need to change then there is a process

  • Meetings will occur when decisions are required or a formal discussion is necessary, there will be no time wasting meetings

  • I will be provided with clear, concise and informative briefing packs which will arrive in a timely manner

  • I will be walked through the briefing packs and any questions shared and preferably addressed in advance

  • My fellow members will be afforded the same

  • Meetings will not over run and I can get on with my day

  • Minutes will be circulated and decisions logged and reference-able

There will be no surprises

The Project / Program Manager

I have a dream that …..

My Project board will have the correct membership, will attend, keep informed, add value, remove road blocks and support the project

  • They will not throw in "left field" questions when there were plenty of opportunities to present them previously

  • Decisions will be made in a timely manner and the project will move forward according to plan

  • They will champion the project.

There will be no surprises