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The neuroscience of play

G8 Ladies May 4th, 2018

Julie Watson shared with us “the neuroscience of play and how “fun” can help change attitudes, beliefs and mindsets making for a positive workplace culture.”

What a fabulous kick off to this excellent session with learning a new phrase

“Risk dollarisation” Putting Non-financial risk into financial terms

We were posed with the question: What prevents curiosity in the workplace??

Safety, do you feel safe to ask for something to be explained?

Now there are times for curiosity and times for command and control (e.g. when Sully reviewed options with the tower on how to land the plane and opted for Landing on the Hudson river saving all people on Board.

Curious people are open minded, take responsibility, they value not knowing and value differences, they’re responsible and thoughtful.

  • How to extrinsically motivate – light the fire underneath

  • How to intrinsically motivate – light the fire within

“Work is play” Alan Watts