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The power of storytelling

Huge thanks to Kim Skubris for sharing with us the power of storytelling, driving communities and corporations and how you can become an accomplished storyteller.

"A story is the journal of that person’s life and the legacy of which they are gifting"

Kim Skubris

The most powerful speakers are the best listeners and are not afraid of silence.

A speech filled with facts and figures will bore the audience however the same information within a story will draw the audience in. Kim particularly enjoys watching the audience when a speaker is orating, to gauge their reaction and engagement with the speaker and their message.

Simon Sinek, in his book “Start with the Why” draws the golden circle ‘how what and why’, however journalism teaches us that to get true power in the story, to include the

‘who, what, when, where, how and why’.

Whatever you have to say, say it with passion, humanising and personalising your message, letting your audience in just a little bit will make it more engaging and enduring.

Consider Daniel Morecombe, Alison Baden-Clay, why did the community embrace and remain with these events when other disappearances and murders had been long forgotten?

  • Daniels parents let people in and sent the message ‘we will never give up’.

  • Alison’s friends created a movement and sent the message ‘ we will not tolerate violence.

The lives of those involved with these catastrophic incidents were opened up to the public.

A lot of corporate organisations are terrible communicators, they need to look at their ‘why’. The public want to know more about the organisations and they would be far more engaging to their members and stakeholders if they truly knew their customers and opened up to them.

Kim Skubris offers media training and storytelling coaching please contact her for more information.

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