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How the right foods can help you boost your brainpower

Huge thanks to our fabulous presenter at the August G8 Ladies Susan Stein for sharing with us how the right foods can help you boost your brainpower and that of your employees.

Presentism - the employee is there but the lights aren’t on.

The healthiest employees are almost 3 times more effective than unhealthy employees, no wonder organisations who value their workforce and value productivity, implement wellness progress.

60% of our brain consists of fat, to grow our brains we need good fat to keep the cell connections and membranes healthy. Sugar and bad fat shrinks your brain.

Omega 3 is healthy for our brains however Omega 6 is not and they both compete for space in brain membranes. Over time the ratio in our food has swung towards Omega 6.

There is a strong link between our gut and brain; make sure you look after your gut as well with pro-biotics, and pre-biotics to create a healthy environment for them.

Did you know that ‘grain fed’ cows are high in Omega 6? Don’t forget, cows eat grass (Omega3).

As our brains age they get less flexible and the blood flow to them reduces, to improve this we should target anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory foods e.g. blueberries, garlic, turmeric, celery etc.

Eating crunchy foods and chewing promotes the build-up of neurons in our brain, eating doesn’t start at food swallowing, it starts when you prepare you food, your body gets ready for it through our other senses.

A key rule to live by (and usually the reverse in western society):

  • "Breakfast as an Emperor

  • Lunch and a King

  • Dinner as a Pauper"

In a study of 800 nurses (the people you really don't want to be making mistakes) those who ate a proper breakfast made less cognitive mistakes.

Susan Stein provide wellness programs for organisations: go to 'our services' for what is on offer 0416 931 034

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