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Don’t compere yourself to anyone else

Sport builds self-esteem, confidence & teaches us to challenge ourselves.

Queensland futures Institute Summit in August 2017 attracted some incredible speakers, Laura Geitz a personal hero of mine, Netball legend, captain of the Australian Diamonds and QLD Firebirds spoke in the afternoon session titled


She’d just announced her return to netball following the birth of her beautiful son, 10 or even 5 yrs. previous this wouldn’t have been possible due to the training, touring and playing regime taking the team away from families for extended periods. Now she can bring her son with her.

Laura grew up in remote Queensland in a small community where sport was a huge part of life. Sport was the only place where she felt completely comfortable and not shy or self-conscious, Netball inspired her to the best that she could possibly be, it pushed her out of her comfort zone and make her take challenges. She firmly believes that kids and young adults need to stay as involved in sport as long as possible because the confidence and self-esteem you get is second to none.

Laura’s advice in life is to make sure that you love whatever you do in life as there are enough challenges, so you really need to love it.

Don’t compere yourself to anyone else, you are unique.

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