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Awards set your career & business alight

Are you a quiet achiever and not comfortable it talking about your successes and achievements? You’re not alone BUT, if you don’t talk about your skills and abilities, someone else will be talking about theirs AND being awarded the recognition meant for you.

The G8 Ladies were honoured by Belinda Dolan from Clariti Group and her fabulous panel of four multi international award winning superstars who shared insights and tips to ensure we have an award winning business that stands out and makes a difference.

5 things that entering an award will help you and your organisation with:

  1. Opportunity to pause, evaluate, to collect data, evidence and testimonials

  2. Increase in business connections and the ability to promote your business.

  3. Your submission has been peer reviewed - so it’s not just you saying that you’re awesome.

  4. Increase in your personal / professional profile. The ability to stand out from the others. Everyone has a story and a journey, sharing it makes you different.

  5. Global exposure and recognition by fellow business leaders through award promotions, global PR releases, Increase in the number of opportunities in social media, radio, podcasts, print magazines

Are you ready to take 5 steps to enjoy all the opportunities entering awards can give you?

Follow these 5 steps: Step 1 – Get out of your own head – Dream big Step 2 – Commit to entering Step 3 – Find the awards or source help to find them Step 4 – Execute, gather the evidence, complete the application and APPLY Step 5 - Publicise any nominations, use social media to add value, wait for the results and celebrate your success.

Annette Densham from the Publicity Genie shared with us some great advice:

  • “Everyone of you here is an expert”

  • “There’s no room in small business for modesty”

  • “You can’t get business when you’re the best kept secret”

Annette can help each of us to write our submissions AND our acceptance speeches. She points out that key advantages of submitting a nomination are:

  • It causes you to pause and reflect

  • To find out who your target audience is