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Creating a Project Team that Clicks

I attended the fantastic event hosted by Dr Diane Harner & Frank Donohoe at AIM on 26th May 2017.

Diane spoke about "Impact of cognitive load and uncertainty on your ability to collaborate"

We receive more data today than we have ever, therefore we must filter & assess greater volumes. The problem arises when we take on too much information which leads to cognitive overload, the normal human reaction is to either:

  • Opt out & give up

  • Reduce the amount of information (reduce the distraction)

However, if we find ourselves in constant cognitive overload we reduce the desire to interact at all (stop the information) and can ‘close off’ from the rest of the team.

It’s a VUCA world and change is constant

  • Volatile

  • Uncertain

  • Complex

  • Ambiguous

Our brain is a predictive analytical machine and loves to know what is coming up next, it rewards us when we are right. Living in ambiguity isn’t good for our brains (it must be noted that some people enjoy this modus operandum).

Problem, when you have cognitive overload and uncertainty, how can we get teams to collaborate?

  • Decrease in cognitive overload + increase in certainty & clarity = Enhanced collaboration & performance

  • Where we can we need to be clear about the end game and place the goal posts & sign posts out there.

  • “Communicate everything to everyone except the ‘how’, give your people the freedom to find their way.

  • Celebrate when we see collaborative effort

How to reverse the busy overload?