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I help organisations

who won't settle for project failure

Experienced Non-Executive Director, Chair, Governance & Risk Professional and Portfolio & Program delivery expert.

Through my Board, Committee and Operational roles I have the unique understanding of the end to end challenges to deliver the strategic plan


Executives and Sponsors in Project Governance & Risk Management

  • Understand the purpose of managed change (portfolios, programs and projects) and how they contribute to strategic targets

  • Examine the appropriate governance structure for change activities

  • Understanding the appropriate oversight of delivery including quality assurance, reporting, return on investment and prioritisation

  • Explore the advantages of risk management to improve the likelihood of successful change delivery and also the protect the organisation.

  • Practical application of the key themes


Enterprise, Strategic & Delivery Portfolio Offices

Which are the right projects to do, this year?

Are we doing them right?

  • PMO Service Catalogue

  • Prioritisation tool

  • Project rightsizing

  • Health checks

  • Deliveryframeworks

  • Project team mentoring

  • Sponsor & Steering Commitee mentoring


Frameworks to simplify & accelerate the delivery of value to your Organisation

  • Risk Management

  • Lite Project Delivery

  • Enterprise Change Delivery

  • Benefits Realisation

  • Lessons Learned 


Business and ICT Programs & Projects

  • Project and Program delivery

  • Project and Program recovery

  • Benefit identifcation and profiling

"Gail is a seasoned professional and it was an absolute pleasure to work with her. Her deep understanding of how mature organisations operate and her pragmatic approach to uplifting capability towards an EPMO through building tools, techniques and governance frameworks (her speciality) is impressive. Gail's leadership style is genuine, through uplifting, empowering and supporting others which is admirable. I would jump at the chance to work with her again."

"Gail is a motivated, capable and effective program manager who delivers to the highest standards. Attention to detail, ability to motivate team members and exceptional stakeholder management skills enable Gail to navigate complexity and drive business outcomes. "

"Gail's ability to pull a project together in record time is nothing short of impressive. But not only that - her ability to keep project objectives in focus, communication clear and costs/resources realistic is truly commendable. Thick-skinned, single-minded without losing sight of all variables - Gail is a true professional. You can trust her to get the job done."


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