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Two minute takeaways - I rejoined weight watchers today

I first joined in 2001, I was 29yrs and I saw my pics from my back packing year of me running into the sea in the antarctic in a bikini (2 degree water), I was so proud of the person who did that, but horrified of the body waves & wondered how I avoided the whaling ships. Over 20 weeks I lost 30% body weight, re-discovered 'Gail', energy regained, re started the sports I used to do and put a stop to the focus on work.( I take full responsibility of all decisions, as my first Weight Watcher leader said - "no one is making you eat, and don't say - Ah I'm big boned .... have you ever seen a skeleton that's big boned?" So after 2 amazing babies, one miscarriage and another bout of self body loathing I rejoined Weight Watchers and did it again, I was over 40 and it was so much harder, so when I hit goal again I high fived myself, popped that champagne and enjoyed the nibbles (ah sure it's only a wee bit it won't add up ...... it does). Today our WW leader talked about changing direction. Have you seen toddlers running off towards danger and a parent pick up that bundle of energy and point them somewhere safe? the wee legs keep moving and they keep running but in a different direction ...... no dramas, issues, analysis or looking back. At what age do we start to beat ourselves up that we have gone down the wrong path? That we made a bad decision? That all our 10 yrs of successes are negated because of 1 small issue? That 14 months of consistent weight loss are meaningless coz of one week of weight gain? Does you inner voice instantly punish you for the slip up & ignore the amazing you? the person who has inspired so many and changed lives? I don't know how to stop the inner voice but I do know that my friends who remind me that I'm ok, that I'm good enough, are worth their weight in gold. So please tell your friends, family, colleagues how you feel about them, be honest & open , don't assume they know, don't assume your image of them isn't just armour.

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